Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011

Smartphone, Tablet PC, What Else?

The rise of the production of tablet PCs in the last two years making competition increasingly crowded industry of digital devices. Sooner or later, tablet PCs will be the trend in modern communications.
The existence of the tablet PC has actually started more than five years ago. Digital slate, as the term for this tablet PC, the time it has also been using touch screen technology as it is now. However, other technologies are not much more seductive than a notebook computer so that consumers are reluctant to switch to tablet PCs.
"Tablet PCs that there must be an element of fun, fun. That way, people would prefer to take it everywhere," said Product Manager Galaxy Tab PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia (PT Sein) Adina Nesvia on the sidelines of the Samsung Media Trip Seoul, South Korea, last weekend.
Factor high mobility and meet the desires of consumers that is now being pursued by any tablet PC manufacturers including Samsung. Vice President Global Marketing Division of Samsung Electronics Telecommunications Younghee Lee said, sooner or later every person with a high mobility requires a tablet PC, depending on the lifestyle and needs.
Lee emphasized that the existence of smart phones (smartphones) have actually been quite answer the basic needs of communication, including sending / receiving electronic mail and surfing the internet. Entertainment functions such as watching videos and games also become an integral feature of a smartphone.
"But why (use) a tablet PC? Because tablet PCs provide a different experience. The screen is larger making it easier to enjoy the spectacle, its also more sophisticated," Lee said in a press conference is limited in the Samsung factory in Suwon, South Korea, Thursday (19 / 5 / 2011).
That's why Samsung is so aggressively target the tablet PC market. Galaxy Tab 7, which was launched in Indonesia in September 2010 has now captured 71 percent of the tablet PC market in the country. Now PT Sein have taken square off to market the latest variant Galaxy, the Galaxy set sail a 10.1-inch and 8.9 inch.
"Not only that, we also develop services and content, we developed all hubs such as e-Reading and social hub. The mobile industry transformed into smartphones and we need to do it quickly, not just about hardware but also software," said Younghee Lee.
Move quickly
All variants of the Galaxy using the Android operating system made by Google. This condition makes the Samsung inevitably have to keep abreast of the changes made by Google on the open source operating system. At the same time, Samsung is also expected to be responsive to changes in consumer behavior, including in terms of product design.
"If the products we make will become the flagship (leading), we could involve more people in teams to design it," said Jinsoo Kim as Principal Designer Design Group Mobile Communications Samsung Electronics.
The changes that can occur at any time depending on market conditions and Samsung worked quickly to respond to it. Galaxy Tab 10.1, for example, transformed the design in just over two months since first introduced in Barcelona, ​​Spain, last February. At that time, this variant was designed with a thickness of 10.6 mm. In fact, the product is now dipertipis up to 8.6 mm only.
Jinsoo Kim said, Samsung could just make it thinner, but it must consider the functionality and convenience of use. To be sure, any change should be tailored to the tastes of the market, suitable to its use widely in various fields, and fitted to a variety of customers with different needs.
"We want to be a leader in this industry and create good products. We believe we can provide all the needed products, but we can not divulge now," said Younghee Lee.
Looking at Samsung's ambition to master the tablet PC market, it will be very interesting to see the development of tablet PCs in the future. Indonesia as one of Samsung's largest market in Southeast Asia, of course, will enjoy the technological evolution of mobile devices. Also be attractive when consumers were treated to a large selection of other tablet PCs, whether it's based on Android or special operating system made by the manufacturer of the device.

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