Senin, 29 Agustus 2011

LitePad, New Tablet Exodus Wearnes

One more tablet to enliven the present IT industry market. Tablet named LitePad LP-1021 Wearnes production that has a wireless keyboard and touchpad, sold at a price of USD 4,997,000.00.

Tablet-sized LCD 10.1 "has been equipped with Genuine Windows 7 Starter, Genuine Office 2010 starter and work with the Intel Atom processor N455. The tablet is also supported by SSD 32 GB and 2GB of DDR3 memory. WiFi, Webcam, Bluetooth and 3G modem free given when purchasing this tablet is also more complete.

Some in attendance also had time to try this tablet strength. For business touchscreen sensitivity, the tablet is fairly good.

There is also a buffer on the left side making it easier to put it down. ayangnya, than any other product, these tablets are still quite heavy. The keyboard is also too thin with delicate materials. If clicked, it will feel ringkihnya material. But anyway, the tablet is pretty scent to enliven the market.

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