Kamis, 18 Agustus 2011

Definition of Tablet PCs - What is a Tablet PC?

Lately, we often hear about the Tablet PC. So, what exactly is a Tablet PC? According to Wikipedia, the Tablet PC is a laptop - or a book-shaped portable computers. Having a touch screen or digital tablet technology that enables computer users to use a stylus or digital pen than a keyboard or computer mouse.

Actually long before Steve Jobs (Apple owners) introduced the iPad, there have been several vendors selling Tablet PCs, but sales are not as successful as the iPad. Therefore, many of them think if the Tablet PC is made ​​by Apple. Steve Jobs may be said of people who popularize the Tablet PC. With the success of the Tablet PC (IPAD), so many other vendors followed suit by introducing its Tablet PC respectively.


There was now a Tablet PC has been widely circulated in the market. Apple has first memperkenalan his Tablet PC with the release followed iPad iPad 1 and 2. It looks like the RIM did not want to miss, Blackberry Playbook is a Tablet PC prime vendor made ​​it. As for the Tablet PCs had the OS (operating system) is more bervarian Android, Samsung introduced the Galaxy, LG has Optimus Pad, click here to view other types of tablet Android

In keseharianya Tablet PC Tablet is more suitable for reading digital books and magazines, watching, gaming, Internet browsing, presentations, social media / social networking, as well as check and send email.

That briefly about the Tablet PC.

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